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For textured hair was founded to normalize textured hair and offer high quality, Swedish-made hair care products on the Swedish market.

We want to reduce the lack of knowledge about textured hair and show how manageable it can be with the right products and a simple routine. With the goal of inspiring and motivating all individuals with textured hair to care for it. We believe it's a holistic approach involving routine, products, knowledge, and technique, and a fundamental right to access. Therefore, together with knowledgeable chemists, we have developed an effective hair care regimen consisting of three steps: WASH 01, HYDRATE 02, and STYLE 03. These steps cleanse, moisturize, and style textured hair.

WASH 01 - Cleanse

Lays the foundation for a successful, defined and moisturized styling result. It cleans your scalp and your entire hair from dirt, grease, pollen, pollution and product residue.

HYDRATE 02 - Moisturizes

Smooths the surface of the hair and adds nutrition and moisture to avoid wear and drying. It hydrates, softens, separates and gets your curls ready for styling

STYLE 03 - Preserves

Preserves the curls and keeps them in place, regardless of whether you wear your curls loose or styled up. Our botanical gel has a flexible formula and contains ingredients that give your texture both moisture and nourishment.

For textured hair is produced without harsh chemicals and created according to EU cosmetic regulations. Our ingredients come from natural sources and our formula mainly consists of water-soluble, water-based and water-binding ingredients. The products are plant-based, vegan and of course cruelty free. To protect hair health, our health and the health of the environment.

Words from our founder

As a black woman with textured hair, I have dreamt since a young age of finding the right products and routine for textured hair. I pursued training as a hairdresser, and further into my current profession as a textured hair care stylist. From my dream and extensive experience, a clear vision was born; to create high-quality hair care products for individuals with textured hair in Sweden. It is with great passion that I spread knowledge about how easy it is to care for textured hair, which techniques and products to use, and why having a good routine is so important. I care for my clients' hair with both heart and expertise. My guiding principles are nurturing, uplifting, and educating. For textured hair is built on the same foundation. For textured hair is my declaration of love to all with textured hair, Alexandra.

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