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There are no shortcuts, just three easy steps.

The way to defined curls is not only in styling. It is important, but far from everything! In the same way that you apply your skin care to a freshly washed face, you should apply your styling to freshly washed and moisturized hair. ROUTINE is developed to clarify the steps and simplify your routine.

WASH 01 - Clean

Lays the foundation for a successful, defined and moisturized styling result. It cleans your scalp and your entire hair from dirt, grease, pollen, pollution and product residue.

HYDRATE 02 - Moisturizes

Smoothes the surface of the hair and adds nutrition and moisture to avoid wear and drying. It hydrates, softens, separates, highlights and gets your curls ready for styling.

STYLE 03 - Preserves

Preserves the curls and keeps them in place, regardless of whether you wear your curls loose or up. Our botanical gel has a flexible formula and contains ingredients that give your texture both moisture and nourishment.

Our sizes

ROUTINE - comes in 3 different sizes
100ML, 300ML & 500ML

Knowledge & Technology

It is an overall approach consisting of four equal foundations. The path to healthy textured hair begins with basic knowledge of hair care and is followed by a regular washing routine in combination with quality hair care products and the right technique.


for textured hair | PODCAST

In our very own 3-part podcast, we tell you in a simple way how to care for your textured hair. Through the podcast, for textured hair wants to connect your washing time with selfcare on an educational level - listen and learn from for textured hair here!


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