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Just like the body needs to replenish water, so does textured hair! This is why it is so important to expose our texture to water regularly as it softens, moisturizes, separates and enhances our texture.

HYDRATE 02 is the second step in the washing routine and is the actual moisturizing process that takes place when it seals the moisture in the hair. It helps the texture absorb water and nutrients while softening the hair. HYDRATE 02 is used to smooth the surface of the hair and its main function is to add nutrition and moisture to your hair to avoid wear and drying. Use HYDRATE every three to four days to maintain a healthy, hydrated and toned texture.

Adjust the amount of HYDRATE according to the density of your hair:
1. Take a tablespoon of HYDRATE and emulsify between the palms of your hands
2. Apply evenly to wet hair from scalp to ends, adding extra water
3. Massage and pull to create a creaminess and spread from scalp to ends
4. In sections, detangle hair from ends to scalp with DETANGLE
5. Leave on for five minutes
6. Rinse thoroughly, repeating the process if necessary
7. Follow up with STYLE

Use HYDRATE 02 every three to four days to maintain a healthy, clean scalp with a hydrated texture.

Follow each step of the routine. Read more about WASH 01 and STYLE 03

WASH 01.

Clean the scalp and all of your textured hair from dirt. Such as grease, pollen, impurities and product residues.


Keeps your curls in place through moisturizing definition. Our plant-based gel contains ingredients that give your texture definition, moisture and nourishment.



Smoothes the surface of the hair and adds nutrition and moisture to avoid wear and drying. It hydrates, softens, separates and gets your curls ready for styling.


I denna andra del i poddserien WASH, HYDRATE, STYLE lär Alexandra dig hur du på bästa sätt använder och återfuktar med HYDRATE 02. Följ med!


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