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Knowledge & Technique


STYLE 03 is a water-binding, botanical styling gel that holds your curls in place through moisturizing definition. It contains plant-based ingredients that give your texture both firmness, moisture and nourishment to minimize dryness and tangling. When you have a clean and moisturized surface to style your textured hair on, you have the best conditions to get a sustainable styling result. Use STYLE 03 at least every three to four days to maintain a hydrated texture with definition and hold.

Adjust the amount of STYLE 03 according to the density of the hair

1. Take a teaspoon of STYLE 03 and emulsify between the palms
2. Apply evenly to wet hair, add water and more STYLE 03 until desired definition, hold is formed
3. In small sections (take help from SECTION ), finely distribute and smooth with fingers from scalp to ends to set the styling
4. Blow dry with a diffuser until almost dry, then air dry
5. Fluff, or let the statute drop naturally

Use STYLE 03 every three to four days to maintain a hydrated texture with definition and hold.

Follow each step of the routine. Read more about WASH 01 and HYDRATE 02

WASH 01.

Clean the scalp and all of your textured hair from dirt. Such as grease, pollen, impurities and product residues.


Used to smooth the surface of the hair and its main function is to add nutrition and moisture to your hair to avoid wear and drying.



Preserves the curls and keeps them in place, regardless of whether you wear your curls loose or styled up. Our botanical gel has a flexible formula and contains ingredients that give your texture both moisture and nourishment.


Sist, men absolut inte minst, avslutas denna poddserie med den botaniska favoriten STYLE 03. Alexandra, din Fairy Fro Mother, vägleder dig till bäst uppnådda styling med hjälp av STYLE 03. Lyssna och lär här!


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