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for textured hair, a safe space for your natural curls.

In a portrait collaboration between for textured hair and the photographer Felicia Masalla - the feeling of calmness and security is captured when finally, after years of searching, finding the right products to care for your natural curls.


Through a sea of inappropriate products and a storm of misinformation, we've made it through a struggle that many of us with curly hair can relate to. The search for the right routine, the right hair care, the right knowledge and the right technique for our curls.


Many of us have gone from being a dedicated product junkie who has tried everything, and we mean everything, to giving up and then trying again.


When you finally find 'for textured hair' a safe place for natural curls, and realize what really suits the curls best.


Finally, after years of waiting, feel the freedom that comes with finding the right one. The right hair care products that not only care, work and simplify but also explain the beauty of textured hair.

We are so glad you found your way here. Welcome to 'for textured hair', a safe place where we nurture and appreciate your natural texture.
Thankful for the team:

Felicia, Tereza, Joy, Emma, Upama, Sofia, Ida, Hani, Celeste, Nicole & Alexandra


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