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Gift card

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A perfect gift

With our digital gift card, you can always treat someone to something extra. Choose the value and have the card sent directly by e-mail - an appreciated gift, quickly delivered!

You can choose to:

- Print the digital gift card and deliver the gift by hand.
- Forward the gift card from your email to the correct recipient.
- Add the recipient's email address to the checkout. When the order is complete, they receive the card directly to their email.

The gift card is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
This is a DIGITAL gift card delivered via email. 

Gift card

250 kr Regular price

Knowledge & Technology

It is an overall approach consisting of four equal foundations. The path to healthy textured hair begins with basic knowledge of hair care and is followed by a regular washing routine in combination with quality hair care products and the right technique.


There are no shortcuts, just three easy steps.

The way to defined curls is not only in styling. It is important, but far from everything! In the same way that you apply your skin care to a freshly washed face, you should apply your styling to freshly washed and moisturized hair. ROUTINE is developed to clarify the steps and simplify your routine.


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